Saturday, June 21, 2008

Portable Defrag Tool

Do you ever need a portable file defragmentation tool? Now you can bring one in your thumb drive. It is called Defraggler.

The main feature of Defraggler is that it is compact and portable. Another important feature of Defraggler is that it can also defrag individual files. Last but not least, this Vista support tool is brought to you by Piriform for free.



  1. great tools. i used O&O Defrag Professional as my defrag tools. But this becoming useful when maintaining others pc.

    since it's from Piriform, it should be a great software. CCleaner is one of my favorite one..

  2. henap: The one from IObit also good, but as far as portabality is concerned, IMHO, Defraggler is the best.

  3. It's not portable. You have to *install* Defraggler. JkDefrag is the only defragger that doesn't need to be installed, and the EXE is only 224kb in size. I like both programs, and use them both regularly.

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  4. However, JkDefrag is not so user friendly

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