Monday, October 13, 2008

10 symptoms of virus infected PC

These are the 10 symptoms, showing that your PC might had been infected by a virus — Good for those PC that run no antivirus software (Do you ever need one) in background.

  1. Your PC run slower than usual.

  2. Loading of programs slower than usual.

  3. Some of your files are missing.

  4. The size of some of program files are expanding.

  5. Crashes occur very often.

  6. Problem in saving and opening Word documents.

  7. Appearances of strange messages.

  8. Some of the devices suddenly fail to work.

  9. Other PCs on the network experience the same problem with your PC.

  10. Very frequent access to the hard drive, even when you are not running any program

If your PC ever experience any of these symptoms, perhaps you should start to diagnose your PC for virus.

Please note, however, that virus is not the only reason for these symptoms.

Sometimes, the time might had come for you to dump your PC for a new one.


  1. hehe kadang2 laptop aku slow giler. harus kena virus neh. hehe :mrgreen:

    <abbr>KNizams last blog post..Penat. Pening. Pengsan. Haha !</abbr>

  2. KNizam. Harus. Spyware melanda tu.

  3. kalau dah lain macam biasanya aku run ccleaner! pastu okaylah dia...

  4. Ya, ccleaner boleh digunakan untuk membuang semua fail atau rujukan fail yang tidak berguna.