Friday, July 3, 2009

How to disable Flickr automatic updates in Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 supports Flickr services via its Share Online feature. It can even updates the Flickr photos automatically. The bad thing is that this feature is turned on by default when you enable the Flickr service. The default setting is it will update to Flickr every 6 hours, and it will consumes for about 600kb of data transfer. This feature is bad for users that do not subscribe to the unlimited data plan.

How to turn the automatic update feature off?

  1. Press the XpressMusic button.

  2. Select Settings (The bottom third right most icon).

  3. Select Advance.

  4. Disable Use cellular. Disable Use cellular will disallow the phone to use mobile network to connect to Flickr.

  5. Disable Roaming. The phone will not update Flickr outside when you are overseas.

  6. Select Download interval option to Manual.


  1. you're using 5800 now? wow!

  2. Yes, I have been using it for about 5 months. And it recently cost me money, since I failed to disable some of the features, like Flickr and A-GPS.

  3. Thanks!

    In my case E65 was flooding flicr with same pictures time after time.. and after one longer break that i wasn't using flicr i noticed that there was approx. 100 unnecessary pictures!

    Removing those one by one takes our or so.. . .
    Now i found your tip and changed Nokias settings to manual. :)

  4. Sorry, it was not E65. (that was earlier phone) If Hanep was wondering how could someone use 5800 nowadays (?) he propably can't understand my case either...

    I'm not too interested about mobile technology and i don't even remember what my current phone model number IS! :D

    And i'm IT pro with about 15 certifications...