Sunday, May 18, 2008

Give me C: drive

This is one of the quick way to explore the C: drive.
  1. Press the Windows Key (usually it is located besides the the Alt key) altogether with the letter R.
  2. Type in the forward slash "".
  3. Hit the Enter key. It will open the explorer window with the C drive opened.

Note: For Windows 98 or ME, use the backslash "/". You can also type in the drive letter such as "C:" or "D:". Just don't forget the colon ":".


  1. kalau nak tengok my doc camner plak eh. hehe :)

  2. KNizam, if I am not mistaken, we can also do folder1folder2 so just point it to the location of your My Documents.

  3. great tip!

    you can press WINDOW_KEY + E_KEY to bring up a new explorer window too

  4. s. kiat, yes, but that won't give you the exact location.