Monday, August 4, 2008

Don't defrag flash drive

Should you defrag your flash drive? The answer is no. This article will gives you two reason why you shouldn't do so.

  1. Flash drive does not work like a hard disk. There is no read/write head exist. Therefore, no matter where the data is save, it will not burdened the flash drive.

  2. There is a limit in the number of time that you can write to your flash drive. Defrag process involves read and write. As a consequence, your flash drive will die sooner.

So, don't waste your time defragging the flash drive. Save it for your hard drive.

note: This article shows how long does a flash drive will last.


  1. bagus. aku baru tahu pasal mende neh. hehe :mrgreen:

  2. tq arr... info yang sangat bagus untuk pakcik.....

  3. oic. just know about it.

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  4. aku tak pernah terfikir nk defrag... tp post ni membuatkan aku xkan defrag punye..hohooh

  5. Also to add, thumb drive is a solid state device, no mechanical part is involved ;)