Sunday, August 3, 2008

Drag file to print

This is a quick way to print a file without opening it yourself. What you need is a shortcut to the printer icon on your desktop. In order to print a file, just drag the file to the printer icon, and get your print.

To create a shortcut to the printer icon on your desktop,

  1. Click on Start button > Printer and Faxes

  2. Drag the default printer icon to the desktop

note: If you create a none default printer on the desktop, Windows will ask you to make it as default, the first time you drag a file onto it. You have to click on Yes, in order to use this feature.


  1. takut tersalah hantar gambar print je. hehe :)

  2. :mrgreen: betul tu..takut terprint yg lain..buatnya boss berdiri kt belakang..