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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LaTeX special characters

Special symbols

§Ssection sign
ddagdouble dagger
Ppilcrow sign (paragraph)
©copyrightcopyright sign
£poundsPound sign

Printing command characters

$$dollar sign
%%percent sign
{{opening curly brace
}}closing curly brace

European letters

œ{oe}latin small ligature oe
Œ{OE}latin capital ligature OE
æ{ae}latin capital ligature ae
Æ{AE}latin small ligature AE
å{aa}latin small letter a with ring above
Å{AA}latin capital letter A with ring above
Ø{o}latin capital letter O with stroke
Ø{O}latin small letter o with stroke
ßsssharp S
¿?`inverted question mark
¡!`inverted exclamation mark

Accents (diacritic marks)

ò`{o}with grave
ó'{o}with acute
ô^{o}with circumflex
ö"{o}with umlaut
õ~{o}with tilde
={o}with macron
.{o}with a dot above
u{o}with breve
v{o}with caron
H{o}with double acute
d{o}with a dot below
ob{o}with an underline

Note: You can replace o with the desired character.