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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wordpress xmlrpc.php error

A Weblog Client is a desktop software that you can use to post to your Wordpress blog from your PC without the use of Web browser, via xmlrpc.php. By using a Weblog client, you are able to write posts offline and save drafts. However, some Web hosting provider block the access to xmlrpc.php, due to some security issues, at least for an older version of Wordpress.

To solve this problem, enter the following code inside your .htaccess file:
<files xmlrpc.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

This code will instruct the Apache server to exclude xmlrpc.php file from the security filter check.

note: Don’t forget that the line ending of the .htaccess file is of type Unix (LF) before submitting it to your server, if it is a *nix based server. Otherwise, you are going to get Server Error 500.