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Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to set OpenOffice default page format to A4

The default page format for OpenOffice is Letter. We could change it to A4 format by using the Page Style options.

  1. Click from the menu: Format > Page

  2. Under the Format Page section, choose the A4 format from the Format drop box.
Change the Page Style
Unfortunately, we have do these steps for each new document. To make this changes permanent, save this document as template, and set the saved template as the default one.

Save as template

  1. Create new OpenOffice document.

  2. Set the format, as discussed previously. template a

  3. Save as template: File > Template > Save. Give a name to the template.

  4. Set template as default: File > Template > Organize. Choose the template name that we had save previously. Click Commands on the right pane and choose Set As Default Template.
Set as default template

From now on, each new document will have format A4.